Digital Marketing: Expanding the base

The digital marketing tussle is always a tussle of making the empowered more aware of the aware ones more empowered. However, in the discussion of digital marketing to become an essential cog in the wheel from a potent force is to make it reach those who are not easy to reach. Now, there are numerous articles providing tips on how to set trends to capture the market but what about devising a strategy to capture the unheard market. The discussion of digital marketing is under the ambit of a lot of constraints that automatically restrict its access to a lot of people.

Whenever a professional digital marketing person lays down the planning of the campaign, they would press upon excessive social media conversions, SEO ranking, and customer interaction. Given the layout of campaigns it is imperative that we reach our target groups but what if our target group does not use social media? What if our target group does not feel influenced to do things because some influential people do so?

The section which we are referring to here is

Lower-income groups: 

The section of society that belongs to lower-income groups especially the labor class is a group often not focused on the scheme of things. There are many factors such as accessibility to these groups, lack of understanding of their socio-economic background, and lack of representation.

How a digital marketing campaign can help: 

The idea is fair inclusion of these groups and this can be done by reaching out to the lower groups. And identifying with their needs one example is Freedom 251, a cell phone which had 50 million registrations simply because. It was introduced as a mobile for the poor. Yes, it turned into a Ponzi scheme but it showed that if the lower class is given a chance to experience something better than what they have then they would be interested. Create traffic on the website and let them visit their website and get their contact details, if we can manage to establish contact then there can be a good loyal customer base.

The middle-class household:

The one segment which is highly conservative in their decision process would be the middle class. Any family where the decision is dwindling between two questions: “This product is so good but will it be affordable. And “This product is affordable but will it be good?”

How a digital marketing campaign can help:

TATA Nano set up an example of how a digital marketing campaign can reach out. Promoting the product at the right combination of quality and price supported by SEO can help.

The elites: They are usually trendsetters and believe in the status quo. The idea is to bring these under the purview of the loyal customer base as they won’t mind spending more. On the product.

How a digital marketing campaign can help:

Promote the good as exquisite and unique so much so that it can make life comfortable for these people. SEO and word-of-mouth promotion can help in this group.

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